New Latest News OGRA Approves 45% Increase in Gas Prices

New Latest News OGRA Approves 45% Increase in Gas Prices


New Latest News OGRA Approves 45% Increase in Gas Prices


Just days after the large hike in petroleum and electricity charges, OGRA on Friday allowed a hefty increase of as much as forty five percent in prescribed fees of natural fuel for the imminent financial yr.

Based on the Determination of Estimated Revenue Requirement (DERR) for the monetary 12 months 2022-23, the regulator has forwarded separate determinations on revenue necessities of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC).

As in step with the dedication, the regulator allowed the SNGPL to growth gas rate by using Rs. 266.Fifty eight in line with mmbtu (45 percent), ensuing in annual revenue of Rs. 261 billion. The gasoline enterprise had sought an increase in fuel price by using Rs. 1,079 in line with mmbtu (198 percentage) towards the sales requirement of Rs. 597 billion for the approaching economic year.


The monetary effect of preceding years’ shortfall of Rs. 265 billion i.E. Rs. 720.20 in step with mmbtu has been mentioned the federal authorities for the correct coverage decision and is, consequently, now not made a part of the immediately determination, in step with the OGRA notification.

The SSGC turned into allowed a fee increase of Rs. 308.Fifty three in keeping with mmbtu (forty four percentage), ensuing in annual sales of Rs. 285.2 billion. The organisation had demanded to increase fuel price through Rs. 313.Seventy three per mmbtu (45 percentage) towards the revenue requirement of Rs. 286.Seventy two billion for the upcoming fiscal year.


The determinations were sent to the federal authorities for recommendation on class-smart sale fees. Any revision, as cautioned via the federal government will be thus notified by OGRA, the notification said. It added that till such time the present category-smart natural gasoline sale costs shall retain to succeed.

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